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Vijaysinh Zala

Forensic Handwriting Expert   (Advocate)

"A mere opinion anyone can give, but an opinion based on accurate and intimate knowledge, if logically presented and adequately illustrated, will not only bear the fierce light that beats upon the witness-box but will be clarified and strengthened the more it is attacked."

Albert S.Osborn



  • Furnishing detailed and illustrated expert's opinion relevant to disputed documents
  • Certificate Holder in the Questioned Document and Finger Print Examination (Department of Forensic Science, Gujarat University)
  • Training Certificate from the Senior Questioned Document Examiner, Mr. K R S Pillai (Retd. Chief Examiner of Questioned Documents., Govt of Gujarat) 
  • Recognized Questioned Document Examiner as per section 45 Indian Evidence Act,1872.
  • Obtained Special permission of Bar Council of Gujarat for furnishing expert opinion 
  • Obtained special training from J.J.Patel (Retd. Acting Chief Examiner of Questioned Documents, F.S.L., Govt of Gujarat)
  • Certificate Holder in the Photography 
  • Obtained special training for the photography of the Questioned Documents from A.M.Zala (Retd. Chief Police Photographer., Govt of Gujarat)